Andy Warhol – 8 Interesting Facts

During his time, Andy Warhol was the highest paid and most prolific commercial artist in New York. He was a leader of the Pop art movement which blurred the line between “high” and “low” forms of art. His famous works remain relevant in America’s (and the world’s) ever growing consumer culture. Behind the iconic paintings, here are the following facts:

1. Warhol’s childhood illness introduced him to art and pop culture.

  • When he was eight, he was bedridden due to a nerve disease called chorea. He spent his time absorbed in radio and film, learning of celebrity news and current events.
  • During recovery, his mother, an artist and embroiderer, gave him drawing lessons. Andy went to an art college using whatever money his father left after his passing.

2. Warhol found beauty in familiar consumer goods.

  • One of his iconic works is his “Campbell’s Soup Cans” series. He ate the soup for lunch every day for 20 years.
  • Warhol also created a series featuring Coca-Cola. He considered it a product that equalized humans in society. A poor and rich man’s Coke are the same.

3. He admired Marcel Duchamp’s philosophy of mass-produced art.

  • Warhol wished to paint liked a machine, and create art separate from his effort and emotion. He traced projected images and reproduced them with silkscreens to create a mass-produced look.
  • Warhol called his studio The Factory. He hired many assistants to further separate himself from his art.

4. He was one of the first artists to exhibit film.

  • Warhol created around 650 experimental films, all lengthy and plotless. Many featured intimate yet universal themes such as sleep, kissing, and sex.
  • Other films featured the mundane such as eating. Warhol shot a film of himself eating a burger from Burger King.

5. Warhol’s signature look hid his physical flaws.

  • To cover his bald head, he wore wigs ranging from gray to silver.
  • To train his lazy eyes, he wore opaque glasses with pinholes to look through.

6. He was almost killed by radical feminist Valerie Solanas.

  • She shot Warhol in the torso after he rejected a script she had written.
  • Warhol had several surgeries and needed to wear a surgical corset for the rest of his life.

7. He was a devout Byzantine Catholic.

  • Warhol volunteered at homeless shelters and attended Mass religiously.
  • He was gay, but claimed to be a virgin up to his death at age 58.

8. Warhol had a Permanent Smell Collection.

  • He wished to document and trigger memories by using scents as time capsules. He changed his perfume every three months.
  • During Warhol’s burial, a friend tossed a bottle of Estée Lauder Beautiful into his grave.

Andy Warhol’s play on mainstream imagery made him one of the most pivotal artists of the 20th century. His embrace of popular culture immortalized him as a cultural icon in his own right. What do you think about Warhol’s personality? Which of his artworks is you favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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